"It Takes a Team"

West Coast Counseling and Group Therapy Center integrates the services of a variety of psychological, medical and other health-related professionals into our holistic approach to treatment. We believe that bringing together professionals in these related fields enables us to offer our clients a higher level of comprehensive care.

Our Personal trainer works in the realm of mind/body balance and is an integral part of the team. Jess focuses on helping clients physically release gripping emotions, such as anxiety and depression, as a way to increase their self-confidence. We also collaborate with other professionals such as psychiatrists, interventionists, educational professionals and career specialists—to name but a few, as a part of building a team. Clients tend to feel taken care of when we work as a village.

Treatment Centers/Sober Living Homes

  • As Addiction Assessment, Treatment and Aftercare Specialists, we encounter some clients who would benefit from additional structure or a higher level of care, as they combat substance abuse problems or addictions.
  • We are well connected with a number of reputable residential treatment facilities and sober living homes nationwide.
  • Cindy and Jody, founding Directors of WCCC, understand how important it is to prepare clients for a successful return to home, family, and work.
  • The centers with whom we have worked with closely over the years would say our niche is our ability to create beneficial and long lasting aftercare treatment plans that help establish new routines and successfully transition you into a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Nutritionists, Personal Trainers and Sleep Specialists

  • There are strong connections between anxiety, depression, emotional and physical imbalances, sleep disorders and disordered eating. WCCC believes that for some clients, adopting nutrition, exercise and sleep programs can make therapy more effective. We maintain relationships with a wide range of nutrition, fitness and sleep disorder experts to further support our clients in implementing healthier habits and improving their quality of life.

Are You Interested in Being One of Our Whole Health Partners?

  • As professionals, we understand that we cannot “do it all” or “be it all” for our clients. We believe that collaboration with other professionals strengthens our ability to create a holistic and individualized approach to treatment. As we recognize the strengths and limitations that each of us experience in our own professional communities, we look to our colleagues to provide adjunctive services that can help us address clients’ needs.
  • WCCC psychotherapists have established themselves as team players among their peers and are enthusiastic about sharing cases with the utmost professionalism.
  • We invite you to reach out and share your services with us. We look forward to begin collaborating with those we have not yet met and continue building upon the relationships with friends and colleagues that we have developed throughout the years.

We welcome you to let us know about the services you provide. To do so, please click our Resource Form and complete our questionnaire. (Note: If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, you will first need to download the form before you can complete and submit it.)

We look forward to building a team with you!

No Charge Group Consultation: Call us for a phone consultation at no charge at 818.986.0600 or 310.475.0223 ext. 1 or 2