Music Therapy

Marlee Simon
Board Certified Music Therapist

You are not alone. We all struggle at times with our family, friends, children and career dilemmas. In group therapy you will share your feelings, fears and anxiety with other women honestly and without judgment. Develop strategies and tools to repair and heal your pain. This group fosters empowerment, intimacy, healthy communication, conflict resolution skills and a better understanding of self.

Marlee utilizes music and journal therapy to help individuals, family, couples and groups. She is a passionate advocate for the healing power of music.

Music therapy:

  • Addresses emotional, cognitive, physical and social well-being through unique means of interventions. Issues may include; relationship and personal growth, anger, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s, trauma related to illness and injuries and stress.
  • Uses verbal and non-verbal self-expression which is accessed through song writing, lyric analysis and discussion, instrumental improvisation, music and meditation; determined by a client’s preferences, circumstances and needs.
  • Evokes feelings, helps induce emotional and mood changes while developing a sense of control through successful experiences, problem solving skills and conflict resolution.
  • Is a fun, non-invasive, motivating, relatable and effective treatment modality for individuals, families, couples and groups to express themselves and learn transferrable skills, enhance belonging and heal through music.
  • Benefits children, adolescents, adults, and seniors with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, health, substance abuse, trauma, brain or chronic pain issues.
  • Enhances individual therapy.

No music background or skill is necessary to receive full benefits from Music Therapy.