Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy is a process that deepens your emotional, social, physical and spiritual understanding of yourself. To begin the process, you’ll set up a 50-minute session with a West Coast Counseling and Group Therapy Center psychotherapist. During your sessions, you and your therapist will collaborate to understand and resolve your pain and the obstacles that keep you stuck.

A trained psychotherapist will help you find ways to move forward in your life so that you feel healthier and more content. Your WCCC therapist will gently guide you to better understand yourself and heal from past trauma and present issues. If you feel depressed, anxious or confused, if life feels unmanageable or if you simply crave guidance to reach the next level in your life, it is time to call West Coast Counseling and Group Therapy Center. No matter how big or how small an issue may feel, we believe anything that inhibits your finding your passion and balance can be resolved.

We believe that 12-step programs are a very useful complement to psychotherapy. People often turn to substances to cope with past trauma or present difficulties and that dependence eventually can turn into abuse or addiction. As a dual-diagnosis treatment center, WCCC seeks to address the issues underlying your substance abuse problem and how it affects you. In therapy, you’ll identify possible triggers that may lead to relapse and develop and nurture healthy and sustainable recovery skills.

Group therapy is a life changing and affordable healing process. It provides an opportunity for clients to develop relationships in which they can reveal their genuine selves. In group, you will learn to identify your vulnerabilities, express your needs, process your fears and deepen your connections. You will build trust with other members of the group and receive feedback and support on your journey toward well-being. You are welcome to join more than one group.

Though you may find that the group process ignites your curiosity about individual therapy, you are not obligated to have individual sessions at WCCC in order to be in a group.

The answer varies with the individual. What is best for you may not be best for the next person. Also, what is best for you initially may change or evolve into something else or into a combination of different elements. For instance, a client in family therapy may eventually decide he wants to work on himself in individual sessions as well. During our first session, we will discuss your needs and begin to develop a therapy plan that is right for you.

Yes, absolutely. Individual therapy provides you with a space to learn about yourself and to acquire communication skills. This personal growth will create change in all of your relationships.

There are familial facets to every workplace. We believe that therapy is a great way to treat the “family” within the business structure. Many issues can arise in the operation of a small or family business; relationship conflicts, tension within the business hierarchy, communication breakdowns, issues with loyalty/disloyalty, financial dilemmas and coming to terms with leaving or dissolving the business are just some of the difficulties that business owners and employees face. In our extensive experience in working with businesses, we have come to think that therapy is uniquely effective in helping you work through problems in your small or family business, whatever they may be.

It is usually not a question of age. Children can enter therapy once a behavioral or emotional problem has been identified in the child or in the family system.

We accept Cash, Check, MasterCard, and Visa. We are “out of network” providers and can provide a superbill monthly for you to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement. We are unable to accept MediCal/Medicare.