Entertainment Industry

entertainmentWest Coast Counseling and Group Therapy Center understands that those in the entertainment industry experience a unique set of issues that sometimes make life feel out of control and put a strain on relationships. Unforgiving schedules that disallow a connection with self and loved ones, difficulty in establishing a “normal” routine or social life, getting caught up in the politics of “the business” and feeling trapped can add unwanted stress to an already pressured life.

Our therapists are aware of and sensitive to these particular needs, which enable us to relate to clients in all facets of the entertainment industry. We have discretely treated numerous high profile actors, comics, musicians, performers, writers and sports figures, as well as executives, industry leaders and their families. Sessions are always strictly confidential.

In therapy, you will learn to:

  • Find ways to avoid isolation and communicate more with your spouse or loved one
  • Deal with rejection
  • Confront fears and anxiety
  • Maintain a balanced and stable lifestyle
  • Address and overcome feelings of inadequacy
  • Contend with the intense highs and lows of the business
  • Build and nurture healthy relationships
  • Make healthy choices in situations that may arise “on the road or on location” or at home involving temptations, such as sex, drugs and alcohol
  • Survive critical reviews
  • Manage wealth
  • Develop a healthy relationship to money
  • Cope with sensationalism, bad press and being misunderstood
  • Find new ways to bond and create balance with your partner, spouse and/or family
  • Create a new life plan to learn new tools and enhance relationship skills
  • Connect with others while maintaining personal, physical, emotional and spiritual health

Privacy and client confidentiality are ALWAYS a priority among all of our staff.