Dating and Relationships

relationshipsFinding the right relationship or returning to the dating scene after a breakup or divorce can be challenging. Multiple unfruitful attempts at dating may leave you feeling discouraged, overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. You may even end up feeling that something is wrong with you. Rest assured you are not alone; many others experience the exact same feelings.

The therapists at West Coast Counseling and Group Therapy Center have all been there at one point or another. We understand the disappointment of working hard to find the right relationship and feeling that your efforts have been frustrated at every turn. We believe that you can find the love and commitment for which you have been searching.

Together with a WCCC psychotherapist, you will begin to understand and work through the issues that may have been blocking you and develop creative ways to meet that special someone.

Our Dating and New Relationship Counseling Services will help you:

  • Discover if there is a connection between your dating/relationship choices and your history
  • Face your fears of rejection and hopelessness
  • Differentiate the “wrong” person from the “right” match for you
  • Understand that your family history may be creating obstacles in your romantic life and causing you to repeat negative life patterns
  • Release and heal your pain to free up space in your life for a relationship
  • Build your self-esteem so that you feel worthy and deserving of a wonderful partner and relationship
  • Discover how to be the best version of yourself so that you will meet someone of the same caliber
  • Get to the 2nd date and then the 3rd and 4th
  •  Recognize whether it’s time to move on or if it is worth your while to work it out
  • Realize when you may be giving too much or not asking for enough
  • Find appropriate dating and meeting sites and help you construct your dating profile that best represents you
  • Create a wish list

New Relationships

Your journey does not end once you have exited the dating scene. After you have found that “special” person and transition into a new relationship, you will want to be sure that you are compatible with your new partner and share the same goals and values. You or both of you may want to begin to work on relationship building in therapy.  WCCC psychotherapist, you will be able to share your fears, confusion, thoughts and desires.

Some of the issues that you may explore in therapy are how to:

  • Keep your relationship fun and fresh
  • Build on your friendship
  • Develop healthy communication skills like listening, compromising, understanding, accepting differences and resolving conflicts
  • Create emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Integrate your friends, family, children and pets
  • Manage finances in your relationship
  • Work through unresolved issues from past relationships
  • Recognize the aspects of family history patterns that you would like to avoid and those you would like to repeat
  • Work out religious differences
  • Keep love, peace and joy in your relationship

Whatever issues you are facing within your relationship or dating life, we can help you get past them and work them out. The first step is to simply contact us. We will be able to guide you from there.

Remember, you may have to date a hundred frogs to find the right Prince or Princess, but in the end, It Only Takes One.