Addiction, Aftercare, Codependency and Recovery

handsAddiction affects every part of an individual’s life; family, friends, children and colleagues are all impacted by the destruction of abuse.

West Coast Counseling and Group Therapy Center is renowned throughout the addiction and mental health community. We have served as preferred aftercare providers for a number of the nation’s most well respected treatment centers for over 30 years. In addition to offering clients an optimal level of pre- and post-rehab care, we also provide therapy for family members before, during and after their loved ones’ stay in a residential treatment facility.

Our therapists have a niche in helping you to identify, explore and confront the signs, issues and dynamics that may contribute to your addiction. We can help guide you to a strong, lasting recovery.

Addiction assessment and treatment are an essential part of Sobriety. Signs of Addiction, Codependency or Substance Dependency may include:

• Change of mood and feelings of irritability; increased feelings of anxiety and depression
• Increased usage of substances, sex, gambling or debting and internet
• Isolation or avoidance of people, places or things
• Difficulty relating to your partner, friends, family, children and work
• Impulsive, compulsive and obsessive behaviors
• Grandiosity, disregard for the law, risk-taking and selfish behavior
• Feelings of being helpless, powerless, unhappy and dissatisfied
• Making unfulfilled promises
• Angry and defensive reactions
• Loss of faith, values and self esteem
• Feeling that life has become unmanageable; the addictive behavior controls you, you do not control it
• Failed attempts to quit or change behavior

WCCC psychotherapists will help you to:

• Identify stressors that may trigger relapse
• Find support in your recovery
• Identify and resolve issues underlying your addiction, codependency or substance abuse problem
• Address any co-occurring issues or disorders
• Develop and sustain healthy recovery skills
• Find tools and strategies to make life more manageable
• Foster a healthy sense of self
• Build a healthier support system
• Define a loving and respectful relationship
• Acquire fulfillment
• Work with the whole family

Addiction is not your fault, but it is your choice to seek recovery and be a part of your own solution.